Financial & Credit Counseling Services

“Pretty Girls/Handsome Guys Live Debt Free” 

With the "Pretty Girls/Handsome Guys Live Debt Free" Program, I will review your credit profile to see if you have any outstanding debt and the status of student loans, then help you create a budget to pay off any debt based on your incoming monthly income, bills, how much you want to start saving and any goals/trips you are working towards. You will learn how to establish a budget, a debt management plan, manage your student loans, and create a long-term action plan to ensure you are in “good financial health.”

Service Prices

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Credit Repair & Rebuild


Per Month

Best Package Offer

90-day credit repair

90-day credit rebuild

30-minute phone consult

Credit Repair


Per Week

Best for Credit Damage

90-day Credit Repair

30-minute phone consult

Credit Rebuild


Per Day

Best for General Upkeep

90-day Credit Rebuild

30-minute phone consult